St. Luke Faith Education Registration (2019-2020)

Partnership Agreement with All Households

Before going through the registration process for our Be My Disciples catechism program please take the time to read the partnership agreement that St Luke's Parish would like to enter into with you and your family.

On the part of St. Luke's Parish

We, the parish leaders, speaking on behalf of all, make the following promises to you as a household:

  • We promise to make the Sunday assembly the single most important focal point of parish life. We'll prepare for it carefully and help you as a household to be well disposed for it, ready to participate, and actively engaged in the rites.
  • We'll welcome you to our Sunday assembly regardless of your age, ethnic background, physical state, marital status or spiritual needs. We'll maintain an open door and an open heart to you, and we'll offer you a share in the grace of Christ, which fills this church.
  • We'll offer you a quality religious education program and we promise to use instructional materials approved by the local bishop and faithful to the wider Catholic Christian church. We promise that the catechists who teach in the parish program will be prepared for their work, and will truly "echo the faith" in their own lives.
  • We also promise to be a resource centre for your household, making available the materials that best meet your needs, including books, videos, music and web sites.
  • From time to time, we also promise to offer evening or Saturday programs to assist you as a household in living your faith more openly and explicitly. We will assist you in following the liturgical year in your own home, especially during Advent and Lent.
  • We'll also help you as a household find ways to serve the ill, the poor, the rejected, and the suffering. We'll help you become aware of the needs of the local community in which you live.
  • In general, we're here for you, to help deepen and affirm your faith and your Way of Life. We promise to assemble each to celebrate the Lord's Supper and to welcome you to join us.


As a Household, we will promise:

  • To offer more love to one another through the exchange of love notes, gifts, and other signs of affection. We'll try to pay more attention to one another, caring for each other, and offering each other both privacy and companionship.
  • To spend time at least once a month, (with the TV off), compiling a family scrapbook and photo album containing bits and pieces from the people and events of our household.
  • To share one significant household meal each week, adding a bit of romance to our table (candlelight, wine and flowers). We'll try to cook together, linger for a while at the table, and clean up together.
  • To work for reconciliation if there's a quarrel within our household, using words such as "I am sorry" and "I forgive you."
  • To take a moment to decide together how much money we can afford to give for the needs of the parish and the care of the poor.
  • To do at least one thing to improve the care of the earth on which we live. This might include recycling, picking up trash, going for a hike, or caring for a garden.
  • To be present and active in the St. Luke's Sunday assembly as often as possible for us. After Mass, we'll continue to observe Sunday as a "day off" from regular life.
  • To encourage each other to pray daily, and to provide means within our household to make that possible, such as prayer books, sacred spaces, occasional quiet times, and signs of our faith. Every night before bed we'll offer one another a simple blessing: "Good night. God bless you. I Love you."
  • To contribute some of our free time for the needs of the parish itself. As time allows us to, we'll also volunteer time for parish programs, or other needs of the neighborhood or community.

I agree. Proceed to login and registration page.